An exclusive blend by Beauty Spa

Beauty Spa conceived an exclusive Blend made up of three active ingredients that work in synergy for a powerful anti-spot, brightening action.
Its target is the blemish of skin dyschromia in order to effectively treat it starting from three areas:

  • control of excess melanin production
  • treatment of skin inflammation causing hyperpigmentation
  • skin renewal, which is essential for rendering skin smoother, even and luminous

Such actions are admirably performed by the Blend: a combination of Resorcinol and Bisabolol, Porcelain Flower and Liquorice Extract.

The scientifically proven result is a skin that regains an even tone and brightness day after day, a skin that progressively learns how to protect itself against daily attacks. Treatment and prevention, two in one.

Resorcinol and Bisabolol:
three actions for an exponential effect

Bisabolol and Resorcinol combined together – alias SymWhite® Plus – make up a compound specifically conceived to treat skin spots and dyschromia. The effect is double and focused on both prevention and treatment. To that end Resorcinol and Bisabolol act at three different levels.

    1. Decrease in the amount of melanin in the spot
      Skin spots result from an excess production of melanin, which translates into area hyper-pigmentation. Resorcinol and Bisabolol combined together act on that aspect, thus ensuring scientifically proven results.
    1. Antioxidant action
      Resorcinol and Bisabolol combined together provide a powerful antioxidant action. They especially act as scavengers toward the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). This translates in the reduction of inflammation that stimulates melanocytes and in a preventive intervention against skin ageing.
  1. IL-1-α and TNF-α inhibition
    SymWhiteR Plus is a powerful inhibitor of the interleukin 1 alpha (IL-1-α) – a cytokine that intervenes in the processes of tissue repairing and which has a remarkable pro-inflammatory action.
    It also inhibits TNF-α – a cytokine involved in the systemic inflammation – member of a group of cytokines that stimulate the reaction of the acute phase.
    Whitening Blend is the key ingredient of the brand new Perfectionist line of Beauty Spa for those who desire a flawless skin, free of blemishes and skin spots.

Porcelain Fower: crystal transparency

Porcelain Flower – that is Hoya lacunosa – is an eastern flower boasting a crystal, luminous appearance, used in traditional medicine for its soothing properties.

In particular, Porcelain Flower of Beauty Spa is grown in Thailand, in a farm that guarantees its traceability and the sustainability of the species as protected species and the protection of biodiversity.

Its composition is ideal to treat those skins affected by dyschromia and skin spots. It contains terpenes, flavonoids and phytosterols boasting a soothing, protective, revitalising action, ideal to tackle the delicate matter of skin inflammation.

Moreover, its transparent, crystalline, fragile, luminous image is coupled with the concept of perfection and light reflection – two essential elements to give a radiant look to your face in the perspective of the most modern “nude trend”.

Liquorice extract: ancient remedies

Perfectionist boasts a Liquorice Extract titrated in Glycyrrhetic Acid – a milestone in the treatment of skin inflammation.
It contains, in fact, a constituent that interrupts the stimulation of an enzyme at the base of melanin production. Moreover, its soothing, anti-inflammatory, redness-reducing properties make it a key active ingredient in treating those skins affected by dyschromia and dark skin spots.

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